Leaving examination 2017
Lecture on guiding dogs
Inspection of Green school
Reportage TVBA about vernissage Green school
Purifying the Chorvátske rameno
Vernissage Green school
Talent exams 2017
Our jubilants
World water day
Hviezdoslavov Kubín II
Prezentation V. Rubulis
Skiing holiday 2016/2017
Hviezdoslavov Kubín
EXPERT Geniality Show
Recitation competition
PF 2017
Planting 2016
Open doors day 2016
Matriculation 2016
ZOO - Green school
Teaching staff 2016
Opening ceremony 2016/2017
Animofest 2016 Film
Animofest 2016
Ekotopfilm 2016
Ekotopfilm 2016 - Workshop
Talent exams 2016
Traineeship Erasmus 2015
Skiing holiday
Skiing holiday
Certification Ceremony Zelena skola 2015
Certification Ceremony
Zelená škola 2015
A Chance For the Blue Danube 2015
A Chance For the
Blue Danube 2015
Cats from SAV
Cats from SAV has
changed their home
Opening ceremony
Opening ceremony
Graduation ceremony
Petition against illegal construction
BLUE BUTTON Week Campaign 
Guide Dogs
Excursion in riparian forests
Local orienteering competition
Svetový deň vody na našej škole
Exhibition of historical costumes
Open Doors Day 2013 (TVBA) 
Green School 2013
Clothing design 2013
Opening Ceremony 2013/2014