Academy of Animation
Provide your children the best education ever!

Is your child gifted? So, you certainly know that the dates of exams are almost here. There are 16 secondary arts schools at the Bratislava Self-Governing Region which set dates from the 20th March to 10th April 2015 for skills examination of the 9th grade students. The Academy of animation sets a date for exams on the 27th March 2015.
If you want to provide the best education for your child you should think about some criterion. We recommend to pay attention to study programme of the school, education quality,etc. There are some high-quality secondary schools in Slovakia, however, one of them is unique for its aim and technical equipment not only in Slovakia but also worldwide.
If you are considering joining our School, then you'd be right to ask what makes us distinctive.
There are many things: our large and beautiful building in the heart of our capital, our connections with the leading institutions of our city, our academic success, our proud traditions in animation festival, the excellence of our software equipment, the quality of our house system and, of course, the calibre of our teaching staff. We offer a boarding experience to local, regional and international students, and we have a scholarships programme.
Our classrooms and facilities offer contemporary learning environments enriched by the latest in technology to enhance learning and provide a portal to the world beyond the four walls of a classroom.
Academy of animation (SSUŠAT), offers 4-year full-time study in 5 study programmes - animation, graphic design, photographic design, fashion design and image and sound production - camera, sound, editing. .
Academy of animation has always prided itself at providing the latest industry standard facilities and technologies to its students. Study programme Animation is unique for its Motion Capture studio which currently consists of 20 cameras. It is the only Lab in Slovakia. There is only one university in the USA which has studio with the same number of cameras. Motion Capture was used to create the following films Avatar, Beowulf, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Assasin´s Creed, King Kong...This technology is capable of capturing both full body and detailed facial movement in 3D and 2D animation. Using this technology is worlwide known as royal discipline in animation. Animation is not only about drawing and fairy tales but also about using it in the fields like architecture, archaeology, medicine, biology, criminalist, etc.
In any motion capture animation programme, individuals should make sure the school provides access to the latest computer software and equipment. Finding a programme that provides internship opportunities and helps build a solid portfolio also gives graduates an edge when looking for employment. .
Moreover, photographic design, graphic design and fashion design are also at the high quality level in all respects: study programme framework, technical equipment or teaching staff. Students can use the latest technologies, up-to-date version of SW a HW. Professional techaing staff consists of qualified teachers and experts in their fields e.g Jaroslav Baran – a director, animator, who participated in 5 full-length animation films like Marco Polo return to Xanadu (USA), which was in 2000 in broad selection nominated for an Oscar, Štefan Martauz, who was one of the puppet animation founders in Slovakia, Ing. Karol Holubčík, graphic artist, Mgr. art. Matej Vakula, Mgr. art. Štefan Kubovič or academic painter and animator Ľudmila Pavolová.
We welcome your interest and warmly invite you to explore our website or school facebook profile.
Our admissions policy reflects our core values and places emphasis on providing opportunities through scholarships for students with particular skills and other talents.